CA iPoker Hopes Deteriorate with New Allegations

Further divisions have appeared between the key players in California, with allegations that politicians have no intention of seeing their bills passed.

Third “Shell” Online Poker Bill Introduced in California

A third online poker bill has been introduced in California, containing very little content and failing to resolve any of the racetrack or bad actor issues.

CA Online Poker Bill Unlikely to Progress after Ambush Claims

Last week´s Western Indian Gaming Conference failed to achieve unity and created more divides between the California tribes with a stake in online poker.

Californian Tribes Attempt to Work for Online Poker Unity

The opening exchanges in the 20th Annual Western Indian Gaming Conference have seen tribal leaders call for a unified approach to online poker in California.

New Californian Online Poker Bill Fails to Impress

Reggie Jones-Sawyer´s new Californian online poker bill, which was supposed to be an “example for the entire nation”, has failed to impress a lot of people.

Gatto Makes Changes to Californian Online Poker Bill (#1)

Assemblyman Gatto has made the first of many changes that will be required before his proposed Californian Online Poker Bill has any chance of success.

New Californian Online Poker Bill Introduced

A new online poker bill has been introduced into the Californian State Assembly, with PokerStars and the state´s racetracks still excluded from the action.

San Manuel Tribe Jump Ship to Support PokerStars in California

One of the biggest opponents of PokerStars´ re-entry into the Californian poker market has had a change of heart and now joined the pro-PokerStars coalition.

Jones-Sawyer Promises New Californian Poker Bill in 2015

Californian Assembly Member Reggie Jones-Sawyer has promised to introduce a new internet poker bill in 2015 which will be “an example for the entire nation”.

Correa Shelves California Online Poker Bill

Democratic State Senator Lou Correa has shelved attempts to pass his California Online Poker Bill due to time running out in the current legislative session.