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Posted on by Tim Hernandez

Pair Collector at Bet365 PokerBet365 Poker is hosting two superb promotions this month that revolve around collecting pocket pairs in order to qualify for freeroll tournaments.

Most players like to see a pocket pair dealt to them when playing NL Texas Hold´em and, at Bet365 Poker this month, you can win extra prizes for being dealt pocket pairs in the site´s two exciting promotions – Pair Collector and Pro Collector.

It does not matter whether you win or lose the hand or fold your cards. Just being dealt pocket pairs can help you qualify for daily €1,000 All-In Shootouts, weekly €10,000 All-In Shootouts, and two Pro Collector Shootouts at the end of the promotion – each with a €25,000 prize pool.

Taking part in the promotions is not difficult. Simply opt-in to both promotions via the Bet365 Poker client, and then start playing cash games of NL Texas Hold´em with a minimum stake of €0.05/€0.10 (heads-up excluded). As you collect pocket pairs, you will be awarded tickets to the Shootout tournaments automatically. Just remember that you have to register for each one manually.

Unique Pairs Required in Pair Collector Promotion

The Pair Collector promotion is really easy to understand. All you have to do to be awarded a seat in a daily €1,000 All-In Shootout is be dealt four unique pocket pairs between 00:00 and 23:59 each day (all times GMT) – i.e. AA, QQ. JJ and 88, rather than AA four times. The daily Shootouts take place at 8:00pm until Saturday 25th March (when the clocks go forward) and then at 7:00pm until Sunday 2nd April.

Winning a seat in the weekly €10,000 Shootout is only slightly harder because, over the week (9:00pm on Sunday to 8:59pm the following Sunday), you have to be dealt eight unique pocket pairs. If you manage to collect ten unique pocket pairs you will win an additional seat in the weekly Shootout that gets underway at 9:00pm on 12th and 19th March, and at 8:00pm on 26th March and 2nd April.

Pro Collector Promotion a Month Long Quest

Whereas the Pair Collector promotion requires you to collect unique pairs every day, Pro Collector requires you to collect the same combinations of pocket cards multiple times in order to complete one of eight stages before moving onto the next stage. For example, get dealt Ace-King ten times to complete Stage 1 and unlock Stage 2 – which consists of being dealt pocket Tens or better twenty times.

Once you complete Stage 4, you will be awarded a seat in an All-In Shootout on Sunday 2nd April at 7:00pm with a €25,000 prize pool. If you complete all eight stages, you will be awarded a seat in a second €25,000 All-In Shootout that takes place fifteen minutes later. Please remember to register manually for each one. The eight stages you have to complete are:

Stage Task Reward
1 Get dealt Ace-King ten times Unlocks Stage 2
2 Get dealt Pocket Tens or better twenty times Unlocks Stage 3
3 Get dealt Pocket Jacks or Queens ten times Unlocks Stage 4
4 Get dealt Pocket Kings or Aces ten times Entry to first €25,000
5 Get dealt Ace-King fifteen times Unlocks Stage 6
6 Get dealt Pocket Queens or better fifteen times Unlocks Stage 7
7 Get dealt Pocket Kings ten times Unlocks Stage 8
8 Get dealt Pocket Aces ten times Entry to second €25,000

Achievable Promotions Are What Drives Players to Bet365 Poker

Pair Collector and Pro Collector are typical of the promotions hosted at Bet365 Poker. They are easy to understand, don´t encourage players to play beyond their bankrolls and are achievable. Promotions such as these – and Bet365 Poker´s remarkably generous VIP program – are factors that drive players to the site and keep them loyal to the site once they arrive.

You can find out more about the opportunities available at the site in our Bet365 Poker review. Our review elaborates on the promotions and VIP program, as well as explaining about the Bet365 Poker bonus for new players and what else you can expect to find when you sign up to play Pair Collector and Pro Collector at Bet365 Poker.

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