Partypoker Scraps Full Ring NLHE and Casual Cash Game Tables

Posted on by Tim Hernandez

PartypokerThe number of players that sit at 9-man No Limit Hold’em cash game tables at Party Poker has been declining, so the site removed those tables from the lobby.

Players that favor Texas Hold’em full ring games will have to move to either the Fixed Limit or Pot Limit tables. Or, they can make the transition to 6-max tables, which is the aim of the brass at Party Poker.

A Party Poker representative posted the following at the 2+2 online poker forum on November 1:

Poker Room management made the decision to remove the games to pool liquidity to the 6 handed games as the 9 handed games are no longer a popular choice.

Not everybody applauded the change. Some players responded to the post by saying that it may cause certain players to jump ship from Party Poker to another poker room.

Sad to hear that, said ‘Reist.’. It looks like a very strange decision to me. And some players (not only strong, but weak also) played only 9-max. I doubt that all other player want to play 6-max. Some of them will try other sites to play 9-max.

However, the removal of full ring NLHE cash games did get a thumbs up from a forumite who goes by the name of ‘Zuko.’ He (or she) was surprised at the number of complaints being posted by players who were sorry to see 9-max go:

Most important for a poker room is to have games up and running 24/7. If games are not running, players cant log in and play, thus they wont play at all or switch to stars or whatever. by removing the option play FR, the SH pool will hopefully improve.

Casual Cash Games Also Removed

Full ring NLHE cash games were not the only offering axed at Party Poker. Also removed were Casual Cash Games that were predominantly played by recreational players.

Any player seated at a Casual Cash Game table was not permitted to multi-table. That kept the pros and bumhunters away, much to the delight of rec players.

The decision also caused some grumbling among forum posters such as ‘HiLo66,’ who had this to say:

Oh man this is terrible. Why would they do this? For people that just want to have one table going for fun while they watch YouTube or whatever, it was perfect.

Also not a fan of the demise of Casual Cash Games was ‘kep,’ who stated,

First Party removes full ring and then they remove casual games. Seems stupid to remove games that actually ran. Also seems stupid to remove the games that actually have the least bots.

A Party Poker rep explained that much like the decision to remove full ring tables, the CCGs were abolished to improve liquidity on the cash game tables. According to at least one player, the change has been beneficial.

Traffic greatly improved at the regular cash tables since the removal of casual tables, posted ‘Deliric.’ Basically doubled at nl25 and 50.

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