Party Poker

Party Poker was one of the first online sites to accept real money poker players when it launched in 2001, and quickly grew by allowing other fledgling poker sites to partner with its player pool – effectively making Party Poker the first online poker network. In 2006, Party Poker withdrew from the US, but remains one of the largest online poker sites serving real money poker players from the rest of the world. In November 2013, Party Poker returned to the US in the regulated state of New Jersey.

In 2009, Party Poker extended its global reach by acquiring the World Poker Tour, its Facebook app and mobile poker software, and then in 2011 merged with the Austrian sports betting giant – Bwin – to expand its database still further. In 2013, Party Poker caused controversy among the poker community by retrospectively announcing it had introduced segregated player pools to protect new players – a move that failed to attract a significant number of new player registrations and was ultimately scrapped

Party Poker´s Choice of Games

Party Poker offers a choice of the most popular games of poker played for real money. All formats of Texas Hold´em, PL Omaha and FL 7 Card Stud Poker can be played on the site´s cash tables, and there is also a fast-fold variant of NL Hold´em called “fastforward”. Players who prefer Sit n Go games are limited to NL Hold´em HUSNGs, turbo 6-Max games and full ring Double of Nothing games.

Party Poker has a good schedule of multi table tournaments – mostly NL Hold´em events, but with a few PL Omaha and PL Omaha Hi/Lo tournaments scattered throughout the schedule. The site´s payout structure (generally top 12%-15%) does not go as deep as some other online poker rooms (typically 15%-20%) and overlays are not uncommon in many tournaments with guaranteed prize pools

The Level of Traffic on Party Poker

By attracting a (mostly) global audience, a steady level of traffic is usually assured on Party Poker; although you will find a bit of a dip occurring around the European early morning. Nonetheless, there is usually an average of around a thousand cash game players on the site during the week, with traffic doubling in volume during the feature weekend tournaments.

Unlike many other sites, the traffic on Party Poker is not dominated by micro-stakes action. A recent change to Party Poker´s Rewards program has attracted many mid to high stakes players who have found the value of their rewards at other online poker sites being eradicated in favor of lottery-style rewards. The consequence is that the level of traffic on Party Poker should continue to grow.

The Standard of Play on Party Poker

If you are a new to real money poker, Party Poker is one of the best places to start your online experience. The site has an online school with hints and tips about how to make your experience a profitable one, plus exclusive “Beginner´s Missions” to provide your bankroll with an early boost. As your experience grows, you will find many of the site´s low-stakes cash games and low buy-in tournaments are easy to beat.

Many of today´s successful poker players are known to visit Party Poker – indeed, it is where many of them first learned to play NL Hold´em. Therefore, as the stakes increase, you can expect the standard of play also to increase. We recommended you start your Party Poker experience at the lower levels, and then increase your stakes as your experience increases until you find a level you are comfortable with.

The Party Poker Bonus

The Party Poker bonus varies depending on your location and the currency you use to fund your Party Poker account. A 100% match bonus is applied to your first deposit of $500 US or Canadian Dollars, €325 Euros or £250 Sterling and released into your account in ten increments of 10% of your total bonus – so a player in the UK who deposits £200 into their Party Poker account will get bonus increments of £20.00 each.

The bonus is cleared by earning 12 times the value of the bonus increment in Loyalty Points. Loyalty Points are awarded at the rate of 1 per currency unit (US$, CAD, Euro or £ Sterling) for contributing to the rake in cash games or when you pay a fee to enter a multi table or Sit n Go tournament. Therefore, a player aiming to release a bonus increment of £20.00 would have to collect 240 Loyalty Points.

Players have 90 days to collect the full number of Party Points required to redeem the Party Poker bonus and tips on how to clear a new player bonus from Party Poker can be found on our page where we explain how different kind of bonuses work.

In order to receive the full bonus, you will need to fill in the current 2024 Party Poker bonus code, which is PRMBONUS.

How to Download the Party Poker Software

One of the reasons that Party Poker developed into a hugely popular site during the last decade was the simplicity of its software and, if you have a Windows PC driven by Windows XP or later, or a Mac PC running Leopard or later, you should have no difficulty in completing the Party Poker download within a few minutes.

To download the Party Poker software:-

  • Follow our link to the Party Poker web site
  • Click on “Play Now” and save the Party Poker download file to your download folder
  • Double-click on the downloaded file to open up the installation Wizard
  • Select your preferred language of installation and click “Continue”
  • Allow Party Poker to create its default folder and read the Terms and Conditions of using the Party Poker software
  • The Wizard then takes over, unpacking the files onto your computer and opening up the Party Poker client when the installation process is finished.

Despite confusion over the availability of a native Mac client, we can confirm you can play Party Poker on a Mac. The site will automatically detect what software your computer runs on and download the appropriate file. There are known screen resolution issues with Windows software prior to Windows 10. Instructions on how to resolve these issues are on the Party Poker website in the FAQ section.

There is a decent mobile product for Android and iOS that provides access to a limited selection of cash tables, Sit N Go games and multitable tournaments. However, at the time of writing this Party Poker review, there is no option on the Party Poker mobile apps to create a real money poker account. You will need to create your account on a PC, and then navigate to the Party Poker website from your mobile device to download the app.

Setting Up a Party Poker Account

When the Party Poker client appears on your screen, you will be asked to “Log in” or “Create new account”. The exact procedure for setting up a Party Poker account will vary according to your country of residence, but generally follows this pattern:

Click the new account button to open a dialogue box in which you will be asked to select a user name and password, enter your email address and a “Captcha” style code to prove that you are a human. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and then click the “Continue” button.

The second page of the account set-up procedure (or continuation of the first page in some countries) will ask you to enter your name and address, contact telephone number, a security question (in case you ever forget your password) and your date of birth.

Funding a Party Poker Account

Party Poker has established itself as an online poker company with integrity, and can therefore offer practically every method of funding a real money poker account. The options for making a real money poker deposit into a Party Poker account will vary according to where you live but generally include all manner of debit and credit cards, eWallets, Money Transfers and bank/wire transfers.

Withdrawals usually go back to the source of the funds from where they came but you should be aware that certain minimum and maximum limits apply to certain cash-out methods. Withdrawals typically take three days to process and, if you request a withdrawal before clearing the Party Poker bonus, you will forfeit any uncleared bonus you are entitled to. This is pretty much industry standard.

Party Poker Loyalty Program

Party Poker´s Loyalty Program consists of a weekly percentage “cashback” for players who earn a minimum of 25 Loyalty Points in any week. Loyalty Points are awarded at the rate of 1 per $1.00 raked at the cash game tables or paid in Sit n Go/tournament entry fees, and it is fairly simple to reach the first cashback milestone with a couple of light sessions a week.

The cashback percentage increases from 20% to 40% as you earn more Loyalty Points, but it is important to know that you only get paid out according to the last milestone achieved. Therefore, if you were to earn 40 Loyalty Points within a week, you would only receive $5.00 cashback for reaching the 25 Points milestone. The table below illustrates the milestones in greater detail:

Points Cashback Points Cashback Points Cashback
25 $5.00 300 $75.00 800 $240.00
50 $10.00 350 $87.50 900 $270.00
75 $15.00 400 $100.00 1000 $300.00
100 $20.00 450 $112.50 1200 $480.00
150 $37.50 500 $125.00 1400 $560.00
200 $50.00 600 $150.00 1600 $640.00
250 $62.50 700 $180.00 1800 $720.00

Once you have reached 2,000 Loyalty Points ($800 cashback), there are further milestones at 200 Points intervals. There is no limit on the amount of cashback you can earn each week, although it is important that you remember to opt into the promotion via the “rewards” section of the Party Poker client after making your first deposit.

Extra Features available on Party Poker

There are plenty of extra features on Party Poker, whether you are a new player willing to learn how to play real money poker or a seasoned online poker professional who wants to take advantage of the lo-cost satellites into live poker events. Irrespective of the nature of player that you are, you really should consider the generous qualifying structure into the weekly $200,000 guaranteed “Title Fight”.

Party Poker also hosts a program of “Missions” – challenges such as competing in a pre-determined number of hands, playing a minimum number of Sit & Go tournaments, knocking out players from tournaments or winning a hand with a certain pocket pair. Players who complete their missions are rewarded with additional cash bonuses, which are cleared in the same way as the first deposit Party Poker bonus.

Party Poker is Most Suitable for:-

  • Novice players just learning the game
  • Players of all standards who want to qualify for live poker events
  • Players who like fast games of poker (Party Poker has the fastest online dealer)
  • Recreational players who want the easiest opportunity to clear a poker bonus

Avoid Party Poker if:-

  • You prefer lottery-style rewards for your action.
  • You are a passive player when the tournament bubble approaches
  • You lack the discipline to keep away from the bingo and casino side games
  • You live in a ring-fenced country (France or Spain) where the traffic sucks

Party Poker Q&A

What are “casual tables”?
Party Poker offers “casual tables” to players content to play one cash game table at a time. The pace of the action tends to be more relaxed and it may be better for novice players to check these out first.
What are the “inevitable rookie mistakes”?
As Kara Scott says on her training video “Playing at too high a stake level” (see our article on “Bankroll Management”) and getting involved in too many hands.
What are “multiphase” tournaments?
Multiphase tournaments consist of two phases. Buy in to any Phase 1 throughout the week to start with 50,000 chips and, if you last 24 levels, you’ll qualify for the Final Phase on Sunday. You can also buy directly into the Final Phase for ten times the buy-in of Phase 1 and start with 500,000 chips.
Can you clear the Party Poker bonus by multitabling?
The Party Poker software allows you to play 18 tables consecutively (4 on the mobile app), so it would be a good idea to play as many as you feel comfortable with to clear the Party Poker bonus quicker.
What are the system requirements for the Party Poker software?
Party Poker Download for Windows for MacIntosh
System Requirements Minimum Recommended Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows XP Windows 10 Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard macOS 10.12 Sierra
Processor 400MHz Pentium 1GHz Intel/AMD G4 G5
Memory 512MB RAM 1GB RAM 512MB RAM 1GB RAM
Disc Space 25MB 40MB 25MB 50MB
Screen Resolution 800×600 1024×768 800×600 1024×768
If I have a problem setting up or funding my Party Poker account, what should I do?
Party Poker has an excellent customer services department that will be able to help you. 24/7 support is provided by email, freephone telephone or live chat.
How does the Party Poker Loyalty Program compare with other sites?
Very favorably as a rule. The exception would be if you fail to reach a milestone by one or two points, in which case your weekly cash back could be worth a little over 10%. Still decent though.