Party Poker Launches New Loyalty Program Today

Posted on by Tim Hernandez

Party Poker Launches New Loyalty ProgramParty Poker is bucking the trend for gimmickry and lottery-style rewards by launching a new cashback loyalty program today paying to up to 40% rakeback.

Compared to how online poker sites rewarded players for their loyalty five or so years ago, many of the current rewards programs are disgraceful. Rather than rewarding players on their volume as it used to be, players are often now required to complete gimmicky challenges in order to receive a random prize or a ticket to a lottery-style all-in shootout.

The nature of the gimmicky challenges often incites less-disciplined players to get involved in hands when they really shouldn´t, or gives poker sites the opportunity to cross-sell poker players into their more lucrative casino and sports betting products. In some case, poker sites preaching “responsible gambling” ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Now the trend towards gimmickry and lottery-style rewards is about to change with the launch of Party Poker´s new Loyalty Program – a rewards system that repays players for their loyalty with a meaningful and measureable cash amount each week based on their previous week´s action. The new program is a bold move from Party Poker, and many players have already indicated they will be supporting it.

How the New Loyalty Program Works

Rather than offering players a straightforward rakeback program. Party Poker has still retained a little of the challenge element prevalent in the reward programs offered by other not-so-generous sites. Players at Party Poker have to earn a minimum of 25 Loyalty Points each week – at the rate of 1 Point per dollar raked or paid in tournament entry fees – in order to be eligible for a 20% cashback reward.

The cashback rewards are paid according to ascending milestones and, as the number of points earned increases, so does the percentage of cashback. However, cashback is only paid according to the last milestone achieved. If a player ends the week between any of the milestones listed below, the excess points above the last milestone count for nothing.

Points Cashback Points Cashback Points Cashback
25 $5.00 300 $75.00 800 $240.00
50 $10.00 350 $87.50 900 $270.00
75 $15.00 400 $100.00 1000 $300.00
100 $20.00 450 $112.50 1200 $480.00
150 $37.50 500 $125.00 1400 $560.00
200 $50.00 600 $150.00 1600 $640.00
250 $62.50 700 $180.00 1800 $720.00

Once players reach 2,000 Loyalty Points within a week ($800.00 cashback), the rewards continue to accumulate at the rate of 40% for every additional 200 Points. There is no limit to how much a player can receive in cashback rewards, although it is important to opt into the promotion each week in order for the points to be counted.

Players Express How They Feel about the New Program

Considering the current state of reward programs at many other online poker sites, Party Poker´s new Loyalty Program is a massive improvement on what else is on offer. Contributors to poker forums have been quick to express what they feel about the new Loyalty Program, with many indicating they will leave the sites they are currently playing at in order to take advantage of the new scheme.

A selection from around the web includes:

  • I´m glad that the regs now have a place where they can feel they are loved.
  • Looks good – well done Party.
  • Oh wow it´s actually pretty decent as far as value is concerned.
  • Great job on the new rewards system party.
  • Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. Awesome!!! WTG Partypoker!
  • Not too often when you can be pleased with any changes by pokersites lately, but gotta give credit where credit is due.

Naturally it is a little early to see how attractive to players the new Loyalty Program is and what long-term effect it has on cash game traffic at the site. Currently Party Poker attracts a seven-day average of around 1,000 players and, although this number is expected to increase over the following week, the true measure of the program´s success will be if there is a decrease in the cash game traffic at competing poker sites.

If you would like to be involved in the action at Party Poker and benefit from up to 40% cashback each week, sign up for an account today using the Party Poker bonus code PRMBONUS to be eligible for a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to $500. It pays to play at Party Poker and, from today, it pays even more!