Jones-Sawyer Promises New Californian Poker Bill in 2015

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Jones-Sawyer Promises New Californian Poker Bill in 2015Californian Assembly Member Reggie Jones-Sawyer has promised to introduce a new internet poker bill in 2015 which will be “an example for the entire nation”.

Earlier this year Reggie Jones-Sawyer introduced AB 2291 into the Californian Assembly – one of two internet poker bills consideration in California during 2014; both of which eventually ran out of time and had to be shelved before passing the committee stage.

Whereas the second of the two bills – SB 1366 – will never be seen again due to Senator Lou Correa enforced retirement from the Senate, Jones-Sawyer is optimistic that a new bill he plans to introduce for the 2015-2016 legislative session will find its way into the law books.

Issues with AB 2291 and Reggie´s Remedy

There was significant opposition to Jones-Sawyer´s original bill due to it excluding California´s racetracks from the legislation, and because of its “bad actor” clause that would have excluded PokerStars from being involved in online poker in California.

Now, in a press release announcing the plans for a new online poker bill in California, Jones-Sawyer acknowledges that the racetracks have a part to play in the future of igaming in California, and that the language of his new bill would be written in such a way that [any bad actor clause] is applied fairly and avoids any possible future legal challenges.

Will Jones-Sawyer Find a Consensus?

The language of the Assemblyman´s press release would seem to appease those who initially supported Senator Correa´s proposed legislation – although there has been no mention lately of removing the limit of poker licenses that will be issued – but is it possible that he is courting too many opposing factions at the same time?

The failure of both Californian poker bills in 2014 was attributed to them running out of time, but it was well chronicled throughout the year that self-interested parties were raising objections to any concession that might have accelerated the progress of legislation.

Next Time Around it will be Different

Assemblyman Jones-Sawyer believes that next time round it will be different. He claims to have seen tremendous progress over the past seven months, with the Californian Native American Tribes who were the main distracters from the progress of AB 2291 now more united than ever before.

Jones-Sawyer also admits to having held discussions with Senators Lou Correa and Rod Wright – Wright having also authored proposed online poker legislation back in 2012 – and states that he has learned a lot from both senators.

Practically mirroring the words of both senators when their respective proposals were shelved, Jones-Sawyer concluded his statement by saying:

We have come a long way, but we have to be patient, so we can get this right. Setting a standard in California that will be an example for the entire nation is my ultimate goal

And While You are Waiting for 2015 to Begin …

It is a long time until 2015 to wait for a game of online poker in California, and there is no guarantee that his revised bill will find a two-thirds majority in either legislative house; so, don´t hold your breath on this one and pop along to one of our featured sites offering online poker for real money today to take advantage of some outstanding bonuses.

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