Bet365 Poker

Bet365 has grown from operating in a shed when the site was first launched in 2000 to becoming one of the biggest online betting companies in the world. Licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and regulated by the Government of Gibraltar, Bet365 is often among the nominees for the most prestigious eGaming Awards and, in 2012, the company´s founder – Denise Coates – picked up an award for services to business and the community from the Queen of England.

Inasmuch as that all looks fine, what does Bet365 have to offer for online poker players? Well, Bet365 Poker is a skin on the iPoker network – which has fair and stable poker software, provides a decent selection of games and has a good flow of traffic. Bet365 Poker offers a reasonable “New Player” poker bonus, hosts tables at which new players are protected from more experienced online opponents and has a very generous loyalty program to reward long-term players.

Bet365 Poker´s Choice of Games

The variety of poker games provided on Bet365 Poker is limited by what is provided by the iPoker network – but “limited” is hardly the right word; as Bet365 Poker offers plenty of No Limit Texas Hold´em cash games as well as Fixed Limit Hold´em, Omaha, Omaha Hi Lo and 7 Card Stud, 5 Card Stud and Razz Stud Poker. Beginners Tables are available for players who have been Bet365 Poker players for less than ninety days and there are even anonymous cash game tables if you want to hide your identity.

The choice of Sit & Go games and multi table tournaments is pretty impressive as well. Bet365 Poker hosts various formats of Sit & Go games – including its three-player hyper-turbo “Twister” games, on which players can win up to 1,000 times their buy-in – and an excellent schedule of tournaments with guaranteed prize pools. The feature tournament each week is the €100,000 guaranteed “Big Sunday” event that has a comprehensive satellite structure for players with limited bankrolls.

The Level of Traffic on Bet365 Poker

The level of traffic on Bet365 Poker is also dependent on the network and, as skins on the iPoker network are not allowed to enrol players from the USA, peak traffic times are usually between 6.00pm and midnight GMT. Outside of these hours, the average number of real money poker players is just less than 2,000 – which is plenty enough for most online poker players to test their skills against!

What players may dislike about Bet365 Poker (and this more about the players that use the poker room than the site itself) is that there is not much action on the less commonly played games of poker outside of peak times. Even Omaha Hi Lo tables remain virtually empty throughout the European morning and early afternoon – particularly at stakes above $0.10/$0.20 – although this can be the best time to pick up some value in under-subscribed qualifiers for later big money tournaments.

The Standard of Play on Bet365 Poker

Recent changes to the structure of the iPoker Network have seen previously divided skins on the network combined once again to increase the player pool and the action at the tables. This will probably increase the standard of play on Bet365 Poker – especially at stakes between $0.25/$0.50 and $1.00/$2.00. However, the site protects its new players by offering “Beginner” cash game tables and “Premium” cash game tables exclusively for Bet365 poker players.

Prior to the recent changes, Bet365 Poker qualified to be in the top tier of the split iPoker network. This was because the site generates a regular supply of fresh money (player liquidity). This would imply that Bet365 Poker is either very good at attracting new players (possibly) or that the players on Bet365 Poker lose more frequently than anybody else and keep having to top up their poker bankrolls (more likely). Consequently, until new players become more familiar with the standard of play on Bet365 Poker, it might be a good idea to remain on the “Beginner” and “Premium” tables.

The Bet365 Poker Bonus

The Bet365 Poker Bonus is a 100% match bonus on first deposits up to €100.00. The bonus is awarded to new players as they collect Merit Points for contributing to the rake deducted from cash game pots or for paying an entry fee to join a Sit n Go or Multi Table Tournament. Fifteen Merit Points are awarded per €uro paid in rake or tournament entry fees, and the Bet365 Poker bonus is released into a new player´s account in the following increments:

  • €1.00 when a player has earned 50 Merit Points
  • €4.00 when a player has earned a further 350 Merit Points
  • €5.00 each time a player earns a further 450 Merit Points

Although the bonus looks a little bit mean when compared to other online poker sites, it should be regarded as a little free poker money you can have while working towards the more valuable loyalty rewards offered by Bet 365 Poker.

Special Offer for Players in the UK, Ireland and Sweden: For a limited period, Bet365 is offering all new players €5.00 free poker money to try their site out. You will still have to download the Bet 365 poker software and create an account to take advantage of the no deposit poker bonus. Players from all other countries will receive an extra €5.00 in tournament tokens when they make their first deposit.

How to Download the Bet365 Poker Software

The Bet365 Poker download is a fairly simple operation which tales just a couple of minutes to complete. To start down downloading the software, visit the Bet365 Poker web site (just click on one of our links for easy access) and hit the green “Download” button to download the .exe installation file onto your computer (sorry Mac poker players – the Bet 365 Poker software only works on Windows).

Double-click on the .exe file and select “Run” to start the installation. Review the Bet 365 software licensing agreement and then click “accept” to start the installation process. Once the installation is completed, the poker client will open automatically on your Windows desktop and you will be able to set up your Bet365 poker account.

Setting Up a Bet365 Poker Account

When the Bet365 Poker client appears on your screen, you will be asked to “login” or “Join Now”. Assuming that you are not already a Bet365 client (in which case use your existing web login and password), click on the “Join Now” button. A new secure web page will open on which you will be asked to enter your personal details, a user name and a password.

You also need to enter a four-digit Security Number which will be Bet365 Poker´s way of identifying you if you ever need to use the Live Chat facility for help or give the customer services department a call. Please make sure that you enter your name and address as they appear on the documents you will need to verify your ID (utility bill, passport etc.) to avoid annoying delays later on. Please also make sure you read all the Terms and Conditions and KYC documents before agreeing to them.

Funding a Bet365 Poker Account

Bet365 offers a stack of different ways to fund a poker account depending on which country you are a resident of. Accounts can be funded in £ Sterling, €uros or US Dollars, and it can save you a lot of money and potential currency exchange fluctuations if you fund your poker account in the same currency as the source of your deposit (for example, if you are in the UK and have a £ Sterling credit card, fund your Bet365 Poker account in £ Sterling).

The same rate of exchange will be used when you join and leave a table which is being played in a different currency from that in which you funded your account; so paying a £ Sterling deposit into your Bet365 Poker account will not exclude you from playing in online poker tournaments with a Dollar buy-in. Withdrawals from your Bet365 Poker account are usually made within a day of your request and returned to the source of your deposit.

Bet365 Loyalty Program

The Bet365 Poker “VIP Scheme” is a four-tier loyalty program which enables players to exchange the Merit Points they have earned while playing poker for cash rewards and tournament entries. While the New Player poker bonus might not be much to write home about, the Bet365 Poker VIP Scheme is something completely different.

Players are automatically enrolled into the scheme from the day on which they earn their first Merit Point. Once they have earned 7,500 Merit Points, they can exchange these for $75.00 in cash in addition to the €80.00 that would have been cleared from the poker bonus. As players collect more Merit Points, their statuses improve and the doors are opened for more valuable cash awards.

Extra Features available on Bet365 Poker

Anything after that seems to be a bit of an anti-climax, but players might appreciate the dozens of customisations you can apply to your poker experience, the additional promotions which are available exclusively to Bet365 clients who play on the Premium tables and the ability to switch your poker wallet between sports betting, horse racing, bingo games and the Bet365 Casino.

Bet365 is also very aware of the negative issues that can develop due to playing online poker, and all their customer services staff are trained to identify the signs of problem gambling. The company takes their responsibility to provide a safe and secure poker environment very seriously, and if you feel that online poker may be taking over your life – or the life of somebody close to you – you should speak with one of the company´s customer service representatives at the first possible opportunity.

Bet365 is Most Suitable for:-

  • Novice poker players making the transition to real money poker
  • Players who want to play on one site to build better bonuses
  • Players with limited bankrolls looking for recreational poker
  • Loose players who find they leak chips on other sites

Avoid Bet365 Poker if:-

  • You have a bad Internet service – most tables have no disconnection policy
  • You cannot cope with being unwittingly sucked out by loose players
  • You are joining just for the sign-up bonus
  • You want to play online poker on a Mac

Bet365 Poker Q&A

Is Bet365 a safe site to play online poker?
Probably about as safe as you can get – as Bet365 is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, the site has to maintain certain levels of fairness and integrity to retain its operating licence.
What is a “Premium” table?
One which is exclusively available to Bet365 Poker players, which normally has a higher level of player liquidity (looser play) and qualifies players for exclusive Bet365 Poker promotions.
What is the best tournament to qualify for?
Each Saturday there is a €5.00 buy-in Mega Satellite which awards a minimum of fifty seats into the Sunday €100K network feature event.
Is it easy to cash in Bet365 Poker tournaments?
It is worth bearing in mind that many poker players on the network have migrated from sports betting sites and do not necessarily have the mindset for long games of poker. So, yes.
Is it worth registering an account with Bet365 if the bonus is relatively small?
What you lose in the bonus, you recover in the loyalty program and don´t forget, the bonus is released in small increments which is better for new players with limited bankrolls.
What are the system requirements for the Bet365 Poker software?
Bet365 Poker- System Requirements
Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows XP Windows 7
Processor 400MHz Pentium 1.2 GHz Intel or AMD
Memory 128MB RAM 1GB RAM
Disc Space 30MB 60MB
Screen Resolution 800×600 1280×800
What “Bonus/Referrer Code” do I put in on the account set up page?
Leave that field blank as Bet365 Poker will know that you have clicked on one of our links through their analytics tracking.
Can I withdraw my winnings from Bet365 by cheque?
One free cheque per month is available for larger withdrawals.
How do you contact Bet365 Customer Services?
You can use the live chat facility on the Bet365 web site or call +44 1782 684 757. Freephone telephone numbers (where available) can be found on the Bet365 web site depending on your country of residence.