ACR Launches $5,000 Buy-In Cage Event

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ACR Launches $5,000 Buy-In Cage EventAmericas Cardroom has launched an ambitious new event “The Cage” – a timed multitable 6-Max poker tournament open to players who can pony up the $5,000 buy-in.

Ambitious? Adventurous? Absurd? Think whatever you like about the promotions on Americas Cardroom, but one thing is for sure – they definitely grab the attention!

After the making the Beast weekly rake race free to enter and announcing a $1 million guaranteed tournament in December, Americas Cardroom has launched a new event – “The Cage” – which is a multitable 6-Max poker tournament that will end after three hours to allow players still standing in the event to cash out.

What grabs the attention so much about the Cage is that players wishing to participate in it will have to pony up a $5,000 buy-in. Fortunately there is also a satellite program to allow players with more modest bankrolls to qualify for the event from as little as $1.50.

Opening the Bars of the Cage

The Cage will be played at 8:00pm (EST) on Wednesday 8th October. Each player who has entered the event will be given a 5,000 chip starting stack to try and survive through three hourly levels of play in which the blinds increase with each level. After three hours, players with chip stacks still in front of them will have their chips converted into dollars, which will be immediately credited to their accounts.

That part looks pretty straightforward, until you see the proposed blinds and antes:

  • The first level will have blinds of $10/$20 with $2 antes
  • The second level will have blinds of $25/$50 with $5 antes
  • The final level will have blinds $50/$100 with $10 antes

It should be noted that the Cage is being played in a 6-Max format, so the blinds will come around much faster than in a full ring game!

It should also be noted that there is no late registration, no re-buys or re-entries, so once a player is thrown out of the Cage, there is no way back in again!

The Cage is Open to Anyone with $1.50 – Potentially

Players on Americas Cardroom have the opportunity to qualify for the event through a series of sub-qualifiers, satellites and weekly finals which guarantee a seat in the Cage on October 8th. Throughout each day sub-qualifiers with buy-ins of $1.50 and $5.00 are scheduled at regular intervals, with the winner(s) going forward into a daily satellite at 17:30pm (EST).

The daily satellites guarantee seats in a weekly final (played on Wednesdays at 19:30pm) which guarantees a minimum of one seat in the Cage. The daily satellites and weekly finals can be bought into directly (the daily satellite $30.00 and weekly final $300.00), although players should be aware that seats won in either tournament have no cash redemption value; and, if you win a seat in the Cage, it is not transferable to somebody else.

Texas Hold´em Powerhouses Ready to Play

Michael Harris – a spokesperson for Americas Cardroom – said We´re raising the stakes with an unbelievable poker cash game that´s designed for players who are in it to win it. He announced that the Cage event has already caught the attention of some Texas Hold´em Powerhouses who had expressed an interest in taking part.

Harris noted that the line-up for the Cage is likely to include some legendary professionals, some famous players from the online poker community and a selection of qualifiers from Americas Cardroom´s extensive player database. Whoever gets locked in the Cage on October 8th, it will be an intriguing event to follow from the rail.

Full details of the Cage can be found on the Americas Cardroom website, and if the prospect of playing in a $5,000 buy-in cash-game-come-tournament intrigues you, and you would like to find out more about Americas Cardroom, please read our Americas Cardroom Review, which gives further information about the site, how to set up an account and how to clear the $1,000 Americas Cardroom poker bonus.

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